About Us

Here at Shared Vision LLC our focus is simple. Find and purchase great houses all over the United States and offer them on a Rent-to-Own basis in order to help more people become home owners that otherwise would not qualify.

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Who are Jim and Dawn Horn?

Hi, we are Jim and Dawn Horn owners of Shared Vision LLC.  Born and raised in Oregon, We love to work hard and play harder!  We buy and sell real estate during the week, and hit the outdoors with friends and family on the weekends!  Our creativity in real estate transactions have allowed us to help people get into their dream homes NOW when others have told them no.  We strive to make every transaction a WINNER for everyone involved.

How Shared Vision LLC is Making A Difference

We have first hand experience of the challenges that people face when trying to qualify for conventional lending.

  • We went through the housing crisis of 2008
  • We are self employed
  • We have had to save for down payments
  • We have experienced financial struggles in the past

In this crazy economy, we help stabilize neighborhoods by matching up properties with the people who will care for them as their own – even those who don’t necessarily qualify for a loan from banks.

We are amazed by the sheer number of folks who want to buy, but can’t qualify for loans from banks. There’s tons of great homes just waiting for the right buyer.  Sellers want to sell, and buyers want to buy… but no banks will help!

That’s why we took action, and started Shared Vision LLC.

We help ensure that homes stay occupied – with people who will care for their community.

We want to make sure our community can grow and stay healthy.

Sometimes it takes being a little creative,  but we love to help people reach their dreams. That’s what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

We help create lease/option agreements with qualified tenants who are ready to own a home but aren’t quite ready for a traditional mortgage.


We’re proud to invest in our communities.